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DEMECAN applies for an increase in production quantities of medical cannabis and calls for equal competition conditions for domestic producers.

Ebersbach, Germany, May 2nd, 2023 – Last week, the Saxon company DEMECAN officially filed an application with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) to increase the production quantities of medical cannabis in Germany. With the aim of creating equal competition conditions for domestic producers, DEMECAN is calling for an increase in production […]

DEMECAN successfully closes its funding round and collects a total of EUR 15m in 2022

Berlin/Dresden, Germany, December 19, 2022 – DEMECAN, the only independent vertically-integrated cannabis company in Germany, successfully closes its current funding round. The company raised capital totaling EUR 15 million in 2022, consisting of loans and equity financing. The funding will finance the further expansion of the company, including to increase production capacity at the facility […]

DEMECAN receives state subsidies and strengthens its management with Jörg Sellmann

Berlin/Dresden, September 2021 DEMECAN, the only independent German producer of medical cannabis, will receive substantial state subsidies worth several million Euros. An application for the “Gemeinschaftsaufgabe ‘Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur’” (GRW) subsidies, which had been submitted to the Sächsische Aufbaubank for the expansion of the production plant near Dresden, was recently approved. The focus of […]

DEMECAN expands and diversifies its network of international suppliers of cannabis

Berlin/Dresden, June 09, 2022 – DEMECAN has signed major supply agreements for medicinal cannabis flowers with Little Green Pharma (Denmark), Safricanna (South Africa), and Atlas Growers (Canada). Over the next few years, DEMECAN will be supplied exclusively with at least 6 different medical cannabis flowers from these three suppliers. Deliveries will begin this year, subject […]

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DEMECAN launches medicinal cannabis flower with cultivar Sour Kush

Berlin/Dresden, May 09, 2022 – DEMECAN, the only independent German producer of medicinal cannabis, is celebrating the launch of its supply agreement with Northern Green Canada with the launch of its new indica-dominant medicinal cannabis flower. With the expansion of the product portfolio, DEMECAN is helping to further improve patient care in Germany and is further […]


DEMECAN delivers first medical cannabis from its own German facility

Berlin/Dresden, April 20, 2022 – DEMECAN, the only independent German producer of medical cannabis, has made the first cannabis flowers available for collection by the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). With this, DEMECAN ensures a constant supply of high-quality medical cannabis from German cultivation and increases the independence from imports in […]

Growth Opportunity Cannabis Legalization

DEMECAN founder Dr. Maurer joins the supervisory board and hands over operational responsibility to former Merck manager Dr. Goebel Berlin/Dresden, 09. March 2022 – The imminent legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes opens up new business opportunities for DEMECAN, the only independent German producer of medical cannabis. To seize the opportunities, the company is reorganizing […]

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DEMECAN receives GMP certificate for cannabis production facility

Berlin/Dresden, 25. January 2022 - DEMECAN, the only independent German producer of medicinal cannabis, has been granted a manufacturing license in accordance with §13 AMG (German Medicines Act) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification for its production facility near Dresden. The GMP manufacturing license granted by the Saxon state authority allows DEMECAN to produce dried […]

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DEMECAN again receives funding in the millions

Berlin/Dresden, 15. April 2021 - DEMECAN, Germany’s only independent producer of medical cannabis, has closed another multi-million Euro financing round. The investment will be used for further growth as well as the expansion of the production facility, located near Dresden, into Europe's most modern facility for the cultivation and processing of medicinal cannabis. The investment […]

DEMECAN: With pioneering spirit and responsibility for patient care.

Berlin/Dresden, 03. March, 2021 - For just under four years, seriously ill patients have been able to obtain medical cannabis on prescription. Tens of thousands of patients with chronic pain, spasticity, anorexia/wasting, nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy already benefit from this additional therapy option. But growing demand exceeds availability, and bureaucratic hurdles make prescribing difficult. […]

DEMECAN enters into a Medical Cannabis Supply Agreement with MediPharm Labs Australia

Berlin/Dresden, 01. February 2021 - DEMECAN enters into a Supply-Agreement with MediPharm Labs Australia (MediPharm Labs) for the supply of multiple proprietary full-spectrum cannabis extracts. Under the agreement MediPharm Labs will supply DEMECAN over the next three years – with the option to extend the term of the agreement – an annual volume of at […]

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Cannabis Agency visits DEMECANs production facility

Berlin/Dresden, 10. September 2020 – DEMECAN, the only German pharmaceutical producer and wholesaler of medical cannabis, is committed to the nationwide supply of high-quality medical cannabis to patients in Germany. For this purpose, DEMECAN purchased the production facility of the former cannabis producer Wayland near Dresden and is building Europe's largest indoor production facility for […]

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DEMECAN secures additional funding

Berlin/Dresden, May 19, 2020 – DEMECAN – the German specialist for medical cannabis – has raised a seven-figure sum in a new financing round. The Berlin pharmaceutical company received substantial funding from a German entrepreneur in the consumer goods sector. The capital infusion will serve to expand the DEMECAN production facility and strengthen its operations. […]

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COVID-19 restrictions impact the global supply chain: DEMECAN imports medicinal cannabis from the Netherlands to ensure supply.

Berlin/Dresden, 06. May 2020 – The German medicinal drug market is currently experiencing exceptional circumstances due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chain disruptions around the world have affected pharmaceutical imports to Germany, including medical cannabis imports. For example, many Canadian products are currently severely backordered. DEMECAN – the German specialist for medicinal cannabis – […]

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DEMECAN signs binding supply agreement with Australia-based medical cannabis producer

DEMECAN announces the signing of a three-year supply agreement with Australian-based medical cannabis producer, Little Green Pharma, marking yet another milestone in DEMECAN’s path to guarantee a consistent supply of pharmaceutical grade cannabis to patients in Germany. The agreement is for an annual amount of at least 1,000 kg of dried flower or 48,000 units […]

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DEMECAN receives approval for the distribution of cannabis flowers from the Netherlands

DEMECAN is pleased to announce receipt of AmRadV approval from the German cannabis agency, marking the start of cannabis flower sales from the Netherlands. The flowers, manufactured by Bedrocan, are sold exclusively for medical purposes through pharmacies. The AmRadV regulates the sale of medicinal products treated with ionizing radiation to protect patients from bacteria, mold, […]