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Cannabis erleben

Cannabis from A to Z - Nature, pharmaceutical quality and safety under one roof.

Our cannabis plants

Our tissue culture lab is the best place to ensure consistent quality of medicinal cannabis. We ensure that every plant is free of virus and delivers the best quality for the patient.

In our indoor production facility, we simulate nature, from sunrise to sunset and from spring to fall. By imitating the natural growth cycle, we can guarantee that we obtain a homogeneous medicinal product.

Pharmaceutical quality

Our medicinal cannabis naturally meets the highest quality standards. Our plants are processed under the strictest hygienic conditions and in accordance with EU-wide GMP regulations. Several hygienic sluices and devices keep bacteria, animals and other creatures outside and ensure the purity of the plants - without the use of any pesticides. We deliver guaranteed best quality.

As secure as a Fort Knox

Cannabis is a narcotic drug. Its cultivation is therefore subject to strict security criteria. 24-cm-thick reinforced concrete walls, ceilings and floors, a six-ton steel door at the entrance and vibration sensors ensure that no one can get into our production facility. In addition, more than 300 cameras monitor the site.

Der Anbau von medizinischem Cannabis erfolgt in mehreren Phasen


In addition to our preferred method of reproduction via cell culture, cuttings are also available. We use this method as a safeguard in order to guarantee a steady production.


In the following cultivation phase, the small plants form their first roots within a few days.


The subsequent vegetative period serves the growth of the cannabis plant and the formation of further roots and leaves.


By adjusting the light, the plants can be transferred to the flowering phase (generative phase).

Ernte & Trocknung

Finally, the mature flowers are harvested,
processed and dried.


And last but not least packed.


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