& Passion

Our employees and our work culture make the difference


Our entire team is committed to improving the quality of life of patients. We find sense in our work by appreciating how our efforts successfully help patients.


Behind thick armored doors and concrete walls, our team takes care of the propagation, cultivation and harvesting of our cannabis plants.

"We cultivate the oldest medicinal plant in the world. It’s deeply exciting to be able to help write the history of German medicinal cannabis"


These three lay the foundation for a smooth process and ensure the necessary supplies. Even in the farthest corner of our warehouses, they find the smallest screw.

"No matter what you need, there’s no way around us"


Whether it’s quality assurance, operations management, sales or the best service – women’s power knows no bounds at our company.

"We are proud to be able to contribute to a better quality of life for our patients"


Fast solutions, reliable IT and state-of-the-art technology are the alpha and omega of this well-coordinated squad.

"For us, speed is just as important as perfection"


Precision and purity are critical factors in the processing of medical cannabis. During the bottling phase, each flower is closely scrutinized and the correct THC content is determined.

"We are more than pleased to offer an alternative to chemical painkillers"


The Management Team is composed of four Managing Directors. Dr. Adrian Fischer is one of the founders and a Medical Doctor by training. He is responsible for the production and all medical questions. Dr. Constantin von der Groeben is also a founder and lawyer. He takes care of all legal and regulatory enquiries. Two industry experts strengthen the Management Team. Jörg Sellmann is responsible for all financial topics and has a long-lasting experience in the M&A business. Dr. Philipp Goebel is an expert from the pharmaceutical industry and also brings in strong expertise in supply chain management.

Dr. Adrian G. Fischer

Managing Director & Co-Founder
Licensed Physician

Dr. Constantin von der Groeben

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Jörg Sellmann

Managing Director

Dr. Philipp Goebel

Managing Director
Marketing and Sales expert

Europe is changing with us

Besides Germany, many other European countries have also recognized the potential of medical cannabis for patient health. In all countries with medical access to cannabis, patient numbers have increased significantly in recent years. We want to support European countries, which have decided to provide access to modern cannabis therapies to their citizens and patients.

Medical-Scientific Advisory Board

DEMECAN is advised by a team of nationally and internationally recognized experts from science, medicine and pharmacy. With years of practical experience and high level of commitment to the establishment of cannabinoid-therapy, our experts provide strategic and medical-scientific advice and support DEMECAN by improving patient care.

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Müller-Vahl

Prof. Dr. Kirsten Müller-Vahl is a professor and senior physician at the Department of Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Hannover Medical School (MHH, Germany). Her scientific focus is on Tourette’s syndrome and other tic disorders. Prof. Müller-Vahl has been committed to cannabis as medicine since the late 1990s as a founding member and chair of the International Working Group on Cannabis as Medicine.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Joachim Nadstawek

Prof. Dr. Dr. Joachim Nadstawek is a specialist in anesthesiology at the Schmerzzentrum Jankerklinik in Bonn (Germany). He is also Chairman of the Professional Association of Physicians and Psychological Psychotherapists in Pain and Palliative Medicine in Germany e.V. (BVSD). Prof. Nadstawek has been committed to improving patient care, especially for chronic pain patients, for many years.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Herdegen

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Herdegen is deputy director of the Institute for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology at Kiel University with a research focus on neuropharmacology and pain pharmacology. He has long been an advocate for the establishment of cannabis as a therapeutic option, collaborates on clinical trials with cannabis, and is an editor for a variety of different media outlets.

Dr. Dennis Stracke

Dr. Dennis Stracke is one of Germany’s most renowned pharmacists and experts with regards to medical cannabis. As a founding member and vice chairman of the board of the Verband der Cannabis versorgenden Apotheken e.V. (VCA), he is committed to the sustainable improvement of patient care and support. In addition, as a licensed pharmacist, Dr. Stracke heads the neurology and rare diseases department at MediosApotheke.