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DEMECAN is a leading company in the German cannabis industry, specializing in the production and distribution of medical cannabis. Holding a license for the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medical purposes in Germany, DEMECAN positions itself as a pioneer and key player in the growing European cannabis market. The company operates a production facility that adheres to the highest quality standards, ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality cannabis products to pharmacies and patients in Germany and Europe. DEMECAN is committed to research and development to further explore and expand the therapeutic potential of cannabis. By combining advanced cultivation techniques, strict quality controls, and a strong focus on sustainability, DEMECAN aims to shape the future of medical cannabis and provide patients with safe access to effective treatments.
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DEMECAN (German Medical Cannabis) was founded in 2017 by physician Dr. Adrian Fischer, lawyer Dr. Constantin von der Groeben and economist Dr. Cornelius Maurer

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Leisure market and positions

In principle, DEMECAN welcomes the efforts of the federal government to enable a controlled distribution of cannabis. It is time to push back the illegal market with products without any quality control. Instead, quality-controlled products from strictly regulated production must be available to consumers.

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Much more than just a pure cannabis grower


Medical cannabis is now available for prescription in Germany. Nevertheless, there are still many open questions about the plant and its medical effects.

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DEMECAN started cultivating medical cannabis in Germany in its production facility near Dresden last year.

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We perform the release analysis directly at our premises so that patients receive only the highest quality.

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DEMECAN works with producers of medical cannabis worldwide to ensure a reliable and continuous supply of medical cannabis for patients in Germany.

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New challenges require innovation and creativity to arrive at new solutions.


We cooperate with international producers of medical cannabis to ensure a reliable and continuous supply of medical cannabis for patients in Germany and Europe.

Pharmacies can order directly in our shop. Please register to view more detailed information.

Our Licenses

DEMECAN holds all required licenses for import and wholesale of medical cannabis in Germany.

GMP Certificate

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Medicinal-Cannabis – Made in Germany

DEMECAN is the only independent German company that is permitted to cultivate medicinal cannabis in Germany.
In our production facility near Dresden, we ensure the consistent high quality of our cannabis products.

There is plenty to explore

DEMECAN research center – observe, understand and further develop

We believe, that for optimal patient care it is decisive that we supply medicinal cannabis at constant high quality. To select and propagate plants suitable for cultivation, we are active in various research projects. These include, for example, targeted cultivation trials with imported plant material to ensure compliance with pharmacological parameters even on a large production scale. Or the analysis of the effect of environmental conditions on medical efficacy.
Already today DEMECAN supports the international research network Cannabis-Net at the University of Hohenheim as a member.

The laboratory expertise

DEMECAN is the only cannabis company in Germany with its own laboratory for release analytics according to EU-GMP. We constantly carry out in-process controls to ensure that the plants develop properly as the basis for the drug. In addition, thanks to our laboratory, we can perform the necessary analytics for market release directly on site.