DEMECAN receives approval for the distribution of cannabis flowers from the Netherlands

DEMECAN Standort Nauenhof

DEMECAN is pleased to announce receipt of AmRadV approval from the German cannabis agency, marking the start of cannabis flower sales from the Netherlands. The flowers, manufactured by Bedrocan, are sold exclusively for medical purposes through pharmacies.

The AmRadV regulates the sale of medicinal products treated with ionizing radiation to protect patients from bacteria, mold, or viruses. By late last year, cannabasis supply bottlenecks in Germanyresulted from a lack of AmRadV approvals ofimporters. DEMECAN will now fill this supply gapand ensure that patients have access to medical cannabis.

"DEMECAN was selected by the German government to ensure the production and supply of medical cannabis and we believe the import of medical cannabis from our neighbours is a logical first step, as it guarantees supply for patients in Germany," says Dr. Adrian Fischer, physician and managing director at DEMECAN. "The ability for patients to obtain these pharmaceuticals through DEMECAN is a welcome development in the interest of German patients.”The build-out for DEMECAN’s medical cannabis production facility, in parallel to its import and sales business, is progressing as well. Last year, the company was one of three commissioned by the federal government to grow and process medical cannabis of highest pharmaceutical quality. This guarantees access to cannabis for patients in Germany. The first harvest will be ready by the end of the year.
Dresden, February 24, 2020

DEMECAN is the only German company that covers the entire value chain for medical cannabis from cultivation, processing, and storage to distribution to pharmacies. In May 2019, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) awarded DEMECAN the contract to grow medical cannabis. DEMECAN is based in Berlin.The cultivation and processing of medical cannabis takes place in a second facility near Dresden.

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