From cultivation to the pharmacy


DEMECAN works with producers of medical cannabis worldwide to ensure a reliable and continuous supply of medical cannabis for patients in Germany.


DEMECAN started cultivating medical cannabis in Germany in its production facility near Dresden last year.


Medical cannabis is now available for prescription in Germany. Nevertheless, there are still many open questions about the plant and its medical effects.

The world is changing

New challenges require innovation and creativity to arrive at new solutions.

One-stop shop – from seedling to medical product

Pharmaceutical products must meet high quality standards and quality is our passion. The high and reliable quality of pharmaceutical drugs are the core prerequisite to provide relief to patients.
That is why our promise is: 100% focus on quality. All cannabis flowers and extracts you order from DEMECAN are produced according to GACP and GMP rules. Whether grown at our own facility in Germany or imported – our cannabis products will set a new standard of quality.

Quality begins in the mind!

This quality awareness is deeply rooted in our company DNA. Founded by three PhDs, the entire team cherishes quality. This in depth understanding and appreciation is the only way we can produce and supply medicinal cannabis as a safe and natural pain therapy. 


We cooperate with international producers of medical cannabis to ensure a reliable and continuous supply of medical cannabis for patients in Germany and Europe.

Pharmacies can order directly in our shop. Please register to view more detailed information.


Bedrocan varieties are currently available. Our wholesale holds AmRadV licenses from the German cannabis agency for all Bedrocan varieties.

Little Green Pharma, ein vertikal integriertes, auf medizinisches Cannabis spezialisiertes Unternehmen aus Australien, beliefert DEMECAN seit Anfang 2021.

MediPharm Labs, ein Innovator in der Herstellung und Lieferung von GMP-zertifizierten Cannabisextrakten, beliefert DEMECAN seit Sommer 2021.

Our licenses

DEMECAN holds all required licenses for import and wholesale of medical cannabis in Germany.

We are a member of:


Medicinal-Cannabis – Made in Germany

DEMECAN is the only independent German company that is permitted to cultivate medicinal cannabis in Germany.
In our production facility near Dresden, we ensure the consistent high quality of our cannabis products.  

Good is not good enough

DEMECAN’s in-house experts are characterized by significant scientific know-how and their passion for medicinal cannabis. We grow cannabis under complete climate control – from the cuttings to our harvest.
To ensure consistent high product quality, our experts adapt lighting and temperature conditions ideally and dynamically to the plants’ needs. We use sophisticated filter and sluice systems to prevent pests or spores from entering our production facility. This enables us to produce clean, natural cannabis – without pesticides or irradiation. We only use pure and sterilized water from a pharmaceutical reverse osmosis plant. This helps us to supply our plants with optimal nutrients. 

The cultivation of medical cannabis takes place in several phases 


In addition to our preferred method of reproduction via cell culture, cuttings are also available. We use this method as a safeguard in order to guarantee a steady production. 


In the following cultivation phase, the small plants form their first roots within a few days.


The subsequent vegetative period serves the growth of the cannabis plant and the formation of further roots and leaves.

Flowering PHASE

By adjusting the light, the plants can be transferred to the flowering phase (generative phase).
Finally, the mature flowers are harvested,
processed, dried and packaged.

We make quality measurable

At DEMECAN, everything we do, all our instructions and documentation, test results and shipments to pharmacies are subject to precise specifications and constant controls.

The GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice) Guidelines describe how medicinal plants should be grown.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulates how medicinal products are to be manufactured in Germany and the EU. 

Your health is most important to us!

Research on medical cannabis

There is plenty to explore

For a long time, physicians have used cannabis as a medicinal and useful plant. Nevertheless, the plants research is still in its early stage. The benefit of a therapy with medical cannabis has already been proven for some medical indications by controlled studies. However, many other areas of application are yet to be fully explored. New findings about the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis may lead to therapy alternatives for patients with other conditions and therefore benefit from cannabinoids in the future.

DEMECAN works every day to make medicinal cannabis and its benefits available for all patients. Therefore, we are passionate about research and development of medical cannabis. We are currently pushing ahead with the construction of our own research center at our German facility.

DEMECAN research center – observe, understand and further develop

We believe, that for optimal patient care it is decisive that we supply medicinal cannabis at constant high quality. To select and propagate plants suitable for cultivation, we are active in various research projects. These include, for example, targeted cultivation trials with imported plant material to ensure compliance with pharmacological parameters even on a large production scale. Or the analysis of the effect of environmental conditions on medical efficacy.
Already today DEMECAN supports the international research network Cannabis-Net at the University of Hohenheim as a member.

Medical use

Physicians can prescribe medical cannabis in Germany. Alongside with the prescriptions an accompanying study is coordinated by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).

Dosage forms

There are cannabis flowers or full-spectrum extracts available for a cannabis-based therapy.
Cannabis buds are the whole or crushed
flowering shoot tips of the female plant of Cannabis sativa L.
Full-spectrum cannabis extracts are extracts prepared from whole or crushed, dried cannabis flowers that contain all the components of the cannabis plant – including cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabis flowers (flos) are usually applied by inhalation. The inhalative application is carried out with the aid of a vaporizer. Here, the crushed cannabis flowers are heated to 180-210°C for a few seconds and the resulting vapors are then inhaled.

Full-spectrum extracts can be applied directly sublingually and swallowed after a short period of time in the mouth. Alternatively, cannabis extracts can be placed on a piece of sugar or bread and ingested orally. Since they are oily extracts, they should not be ingested with water or tea.

THC Formel

Alternative therapy options

Increasing scientific evidence continues to show powerful medicinal properties in a wide variety of ancient botanicals and is ushering in a new culteral acceptance for their main stream usage. This trend is paving the way for cannabis as an established and preferred medicinal option for patients. We support this path and promote evidence-based modern therapies with a focus on patient health.