Cannabis as a stimulant

Currently, the German government is planning to allow controlled supply of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, production will be allowed exclusively in Germany, i.e. the import and export of cannabis products will remain prohibited.

Producers will have to meet certain requirements for qualification, reliability, quality assurance and creditworthiness, which are to be specified in more detail in the draft of the law. There will be specifications on quality and purity, plant protection products, mycotoxins and microorganisms, as well as control systems (track and trace). This means that in the future only quality-tested cannabis products from strictly regulated production will be available on the German market.

We at DEMECAN welcome this very much! It is an important step towards more product quality and at the same time protects the health of the consumers. It is time to push back the illegal market with products without any quality control.

Would you like to learn more about the conditions under which cannabis should be legalized as a stimulant in Germany and what our position is as a manufacturer of medicinal cannabis?

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